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The Moroccan mountains

Trekking in Morocco

Travel with custom planning

Morocco offers an endless variety of landscapes, a paradise for trekkers and walkers. Undulated dunes, arid plains and rocky gorges, forests of cedar, Aleppo pine and cork: everywhere nature remains intact.

Be amazed at the lush valleys with oases of verdant agriculture feeding secluded Berber adobe villages that cling to the steep mountainsides. This is a place that is the dream of all hikers, for all levels and for all seasons. With over 700 km of varied relief, the mountains of the Atlas chain offer many challenges to climbers. On the other hand, there are the plains alternated with forests, Ergs (sandy deserts) on the east and on the south you can find black stony deserts with rugged crags.

The Anti-Atlas will take you to the ergs to pitch the tents for one or more nights under the stars. The High Atlas, to the top of the highest peak in North Africa: Mount Toubkal at 4167 metres. Morocco is perfect for the adventure hungry trekker. We use local guides with years of experience, trusty muleteers to take care of your luggage and to cook for you on treks that require overnight lodging, usually in mountain gites and campsites. Our treks range from one day to up to a week or longer, should you wish to live with the nomads in the desert or traverse mountain ranges, this can be arranged too. If you want to come for just a day or two, it´s possible to rent boots and gear in mountain villages rather than bring lots of heavy luggage. Also for snow and ice, here everything is available to hire. Just let us know what you would like to do, how many days and we will organise the great adventure for you.

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