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Meet Morocco in depth

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Travel with custom planning

Relationships between the urban and rural spaces.

Trek in the Atlas, walk through the old streets of the Imperial Cities, take a méharée: an excursion riding a camel, in the Great South; every journey is an opportunity to meet with local people: intellectuals, artisans, artists or just farmers who are always willing to share their daily reality. The Moroccans never grow tired of demonstrating that the Moroccan hospitality is not a myth. Safely, you can explore routes in Morocco and immerse yourself in this land of a thousand faces and welcomes.

Dive deep

In our country, the exoticism is accessible to all. Leave the crowds and go looking for a chance to know the country. Soak up our ancestral customs and our way of life. In the hands of urban artists or farmers, discover how everyday life is organized. In short, open your mind as we open our doors to produce the magic of friendship.

Mark your own route with guaranteed organization

Forget package holidays; go with your intuition and with open arms. Morocco is a safe country where everyone is concerned about the safety of the visitors and their belongings. Finding friendly locals is very easy; you will be treated like a family member and live unique experiences.

To save time, nothing is better than to plan and organize in advance each day, for that we will provide all the practical details. We know that time is money during the holidays and we don’t want you to waste it. Here, the waits are minimized and responses to your requests are accurate and fast.
Dear freedom

If you opt for independence, rediscover the magic of open spaces. Admire the fossils in the desert of Merzouga or enjoy devouring a refreshing watermelon. On the terraces of cafes, enjoy the night with the people of the desert without seeing the hours pass or share a delicious couscous hearing and sharing stories and legends.

Away from the crowds, relationships are easy and hospitality is always present.

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