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Come to Morocco to disconnect and relax!

Morocco Wellness, Spa and Healthy trips

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We have a unique and exclusive selection of locations with the best Spas, Saunas, hot springs, mud baths, massages, holistic detoxification and rejuvenation therapies. Riads, gardens, hammams: everything in Morocco embodies well-being elevated to the level of the art of living. You can sample the pleasures of the hammam. A place to relax and meet people, it is a real institution in Morocco. Often richly decorated, a relaxing atmosphere reigns there.

A trip to Morocco without a visit to the hammam is an unfinished dream. To benefit from a hammam is to enter the depths of the country. This is a unique and authentic journey to heal both the mind and the body. Make sure you pamper yourselves while you are in Morocco. It is impossible for the mind to leave a hammam without measuring the history of its places and ancestral traditions of oriental beauty and for the body, because its well-being is a vital player in one’s health. Scrubbing with black soap which is made from black olives, coating in henna or ghassoul: which is a type of clay found in the mountains, and massage with essential oils are among the many treatments offered. For direct contact with nature, the experience of sand baths in the desert is an ancient tradition and is wonderful for joint problems. Contact us for more information.

For those who want to come to Morocco and disconnect from the world, detoxify, relax, meditate and rejuvenate, we have a number of destinations ideal suited.

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